Zertic’s new name

Zertic is the rebranded name for the certification software previously known as Easy2Certify. With this blog post we want to inform certification and inspection bodies about which changes we made, and why we made them.

Zertic rebranding

Zertic is the rebranded name for the certification software previously known as Easy2Certify. With this blog post, we want to inform certification and inspection bodies about what changes we made, and why we made them.

Why rebranding

In 2015 we started building software for certification bodies from our Dutch development centre. As any starting organisation, we started small. The name Easy2Certify came from our main focus, the certification industry. Over time we started supporting the testing and inspection parts of TIC as well, resulting in the industry’s most comprehensive Test, Inspection, and Certification software. The easy2certify brand name no longer covered our entire scope. The name implied we solely build software for certification bodies. These days we support the Test, Inspection and Certification aspects of TIC, and because of this, we needed a new name.

About the name

The name ‘Zertic’ contains two factors, the name is broken up into ‘Zer’ and ‘tic’.The word Zer is urban language meaning “something beyond imagination.” Tic is an acronym for Test, Inspect, and Certification software. Our statement is TIC software beyond imagination, which is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal in itself, but something we stand for. We believe that TIC software can take the industry to a next level, where there is instant trust between companies, persons and products. With the use of digitalisation, we can make the whole industry trustworthy again.

To emphasise that “building trust” is a core value within the TIC industry, we introduced our Z logo. The Z comprises two check-marks, which symbolize the mutual trust between persons, organizations, and products.

What can clients expect

With a new brand comes new goals. The Zertic team set down to think about all the things we want to achieve with Zertic. We came up with a list of innovation that we will implement this year, in 2021. Obviously, we won’t stop here. We will keep innovating as long as the industry and the technology keep advancing, but for 2021, this would be a set of goals.

  1. An overhaul of our competence management module, which includes unique portals for your (freelance) auditors.
  2. Centralized analytics, our second essential innovation is data-driven. As digital transformation across the TIC sectors looks to data reports and dashboards to streamline their organization while gaining a more in-depth insight into their customers.
  3. Digital Original Certificates, we will introduce digital original certificates with blockchain technology: Certificates with 100% Certainty.
  4. Stretched Scalability. we pay special attention to Zertic’s scalability to allow small organizations as well as multinationals to benefit from the Zertic software.

What can the industry expect

The rest of the industry can expect Zertic to become a benchmark for world-class software for Test, Inspection, and Certification bodies. Zertic will become a practical tool that helps to build trust in organizations by combining technology with expert knowledge. The industry can expect to achieve a sustainable and straightforward certification and inspection process. We make sure to provide the building blocks TIC-bodies need to organize and optimize their operations.

The brand promise

We provide our clients with world-leading Test, Inspection, and Certification software. We strive towards a world where instant trust between companies, persons, and products is empowered by 100% reliable and proven certification.

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