Unlocking Advanced Features:
A Complete Overview from Client Application to Certification

Zertic’s software solutions help TIC companies to optimize their certifying process from a client application to issuing the certificate.

The Zertic portals will create a high level of trust and efficiency advantages for the certified companies. The NPS score and renewal rates will increase by using Zertic.

Understanding the Journey

In this series, we will focus on unlocking advanced features of Zertic software from the beginning of the certifying journey; From client application to issuing the certificates.

Let’s delve into the overview of the stages in which we will be explaining the advanced features:

Navigating from the application to client onboarding is often where the real challenge lies. Our advanced features facilitate seamless communication, turning the initial contact into a contractual agreement with efficiency and precision. No more lost opportunities or prolonged negotiations – our solution accelerates the journey towards certification.

In our series, we will reveal how Zertic supports Multi-site, Multi-standard and Multi-year programs. Next to that, we will reveal how the full calculation for onsite and off-site hours and cost types is done. And by a push of a button, the final contract will be made.

Transitioning from contract signing to establishing an effective audit program based on the offered audits in the contract is a critical phase, especially for complex businesses including multi-sites, multiple scopes, multiple days and team planning.

Our software integrates advanced analytics, allowing organizations to leverage insights for a robust audit program. The result? A multi-year program for all sites, standards and scopes per site. The input for the planners to create the planning will be handled in the next episode of this series.

With the audit program in place, the focus shifts to meticulous planning. Managing competencies of auditors, taking into consideration the distance, on-site and off-site hours, roles and so many other details while planning… It is a very complex and detailed process, right?

Our dynamic workflow automation takes center stage, ensuring that every detail is considered and tasks are assigned with precision. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall effectiveness of the certification process. The result? An optimized resource planning assures all audits are executed on time and with the best team according to calculation.

In this episode, we will reveal how competence-based, location-based, and audit frequency-based complex audit programs can transferred to detailed planning of auditors.

Execution is where the certification journey gains momentum. In our system, many features help you to execute your audit easily. The execution module is integrated with other modules like planning and certificate. You will find the data you will need in the execution of an audit at ease. Combination and even integrated audits are supported to optimize the efficiency of each audit. Based on all data from the previous steps, the complete report will be automatically generated.

The Zertic portal will optimize client communication and NC handling. In this episode, we will tell you all about the management of schedules for follow-ups, NC deadlines and much more.

This step is the final stop of the hard work both for you and your customers. Our solution ensures that a certificate is created at the push of a button with the help of data flowing through the journey. The CM manager has all the data in one screen; NC status, review status, payment status, site overview, and much more. Digital forms and processes support the decision-making process.

Multi-site certificates can be issued on a company level with annex of sites or even per site a separate certificate can be issued.

By using Zertic QR codes of Zertic Blockchain the validity – certificate status is always verifiable by anyone. Part of the Zertic certification solution is the publishing of certified clients on your website with full search and retrieve options.

Invoicing is an important part of the whole certifying process. Our software simplifies the invoicing process, allowing organizations to mark their success and move forward with confidence.

From application to certification, invoicing is integrated with different modules so that you can create automatic invoices and communicate with your customers clearly.

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Unlocking Zertic Advanced Features


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