Unlocking Advanced Features

From Planning to Execution

In this series, we will explain how to streamline your audit execution.

Certification bodies with various services (in different countries under several accreditations) face challenges throughout the audit execution process.

These could include:

  • Continuous updates and changes in audit criteria
  • Communication issues with auditors, clients, and stakeholders
  • Timely follow-up in NCs or verification audits
  • Criteria versus process-based audit approach
  • Setting up the audit program (3 years, sites, clauses, processes)
  • Setting up the detailed audit plan with attendees and topics
  • Managing Single standard, Combined standards, and IMS framework
  • Challenges associated with diverse accreditation specifics

Zertic provides effective communication and enhanced efficiency for multi-standard, site, and accreditation.


How would this process look
with Zertic?

Zertic streamlines certification body operations by offering audit execution solutions. It helps certification bodies stay competitive and provide quality service to clients. 👇

1. Audit plan

The audit program (processes, clauses, sites, onsite hours, and more) is transferred from the quote and planning into the audit plan details automatically

2. Teamwork

When centralized planned, the team is pre-populated in the plan including the rights and roles. Otherwise, the lead auditors create the team via the team tab.

3. Send audit plan

Send the audit plan to the client with a push of a button. All chapters of the audit plan are automatically filled in based on the data from the quote, audit program, and planning.

4.Generate Checklist

The sites and standards are combined in one checklist (according to the audit program in the contract).

5.Checklist Integration

Checklists are generated based on single or multi-site and single or multiple standards. Generic questions have to be answered only once and specific questions are shown separately..

6. End of Audit Letter (EoAL)

After an audit is executed, you can send an email with EoAL to your customer. All findings and conclusions an auditor had during the audit can be communicated to the customer via EoAL

7.Create Report(s)

Reports can be combined and separated. Just by a push of a button, the complete report is generated..

8.Manage NC

NCs are managed according to the applicable rules per standard or according to the IMS guidelines. Including timely reminders for auditees to manage NC in the client portal.

9. Technical/Formal Review

In the digital form, there are dedicated review sections all with their own roles and responsibilities sections.

Certification Decision

A dedicated section of the digital form is to prepare the certification decision, after the decision workflow step the Certification Manager is informed to start the certification process (see next series).

Key Features!


  • Zertic allows you to execute audits online and offline.
  • Multi-lingual audit forms and reports
  • Workflow support to manage the execution process
  • NC overview (closed and open)
  • Take over previous audit data.
  • Predefined answer options per criteria based on score.
  • Based on the selected accreditation body in the contract, the specifics for that accreditation body in calculating onsite and off-site hours, specific data registration, and more are automatically managed by Zertic.
  • And many more.

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Unlocking Zertic Advanced Features


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