Unlocking Zertic Advanced Features

A Comprehensive Journey from Client Application to Certification

Explore the advanced Zertic software features and learn how it works, from client application to certification excellence.

The certification business can be quite complex to manage with all calculations, combination audits and multi-site clients. On top of that are all the accreditation rules you have to comply with.

In our series, we will explain to you how you can manage important and challenging topics with automation. As these topics are substantial and we want to dive deep into the details we will split each series in multiple episodes, each series will lead to a complete whitepaper.

Product & Industry leaders

Advanced Features.

Each week we will release a new episode which contains documentation, short movies and potential gains.

1. Client on Boarding

From Contact to Contract: Scoping

2.From contract to audit program

From Contact to Contract: Audit Program

3. From audit program to audit planning

From Audit Program to Audit Planning

4. From planning to Execution

From Planning to Execution

5. From Execution to Certification

From Execution to Certificate


From Certification to Invoicing

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A new certification era

is starting.

In past decades many large TIC companies and software companies have been working on automation of parts of the TIC process. And without an exception we have never seen a complete all-in-one solution that covers the complete process including the calculation and complex audit program.

Zertic has worked with TIC Industry leaders to achieve an End – 2 – End solution that covers all accreditation rules and calculation and supports the end users with many optimizations.

This series covers overall management of onboarding or renewing clients with multiple standards and multiple sites.
On the graphic below you can follow the process of a complete journey of certification with Zertic.



Unlocking Zertic Advanced Features

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