Unlocking Advanced Features

From Contact to Contract

In this series, we will explain you how to
streamline your customer onboarding process
and increase your conversion rate.

Certification bodies often struggle with time-consuming and manual customer onboarding processes. Multi-site registration with all Scoping and Calculation variables can be complex and calculations are done in complex and error-sensitive spreadsheets.Β  Streamlining this process is crucial for staying competitive.


How would this process look with Zertic?

Zertic streamlines certification body operations by offering a seamless onboarding experience, boosting conversions and efficiency. It helps certification bodies stay competitive and provide quality service to clients.

Every click is a step towards efficiency with Zertic.

Overview of the process:
From Contact to contract


Client Onboarding made easy

  • Receive client applications through an intake form that is presented on your website.
  • Effortlessly entry into your CRM, and automated email and client portal creation.
  • Self-maintenance portal to enter or update Scopes, Sites, and all relevant variables for calculation

Customized Calculations

For quote and audit program creation, the full calculation model calculates the onsite and offsite hours at each site. Scopes are determined for each site and calculation rules are specific to each standard.


  • Audit program creation detailing the sites and scopes per audit cycle. In the next series we will show how this will result in plannable items for detailed team scheduling.

  • Final contract creation by a push of a button. Resulting in an overview of all sites, audits, scopes and pricing.

πŸ’‘ First Set-Up Audit Program and then Create Contract with all details OR Send Contract and then Set-Up Audit Program

We have a solution that fits every organization.

AUDIT TYPES Single Site Multi Site Campus
Single Audit βœ” βœ” βœ”
Integrated βœ” βœ” βœ”
Combined βœ” βœ” βœ”

See possible cases

Case 1

A company with 6 locations applied to be ISO9001 certified.

  • 1

    Get this application through a form that links to the Zertic system.

  • 2

    Add the Client and Contact to our CRM with one click

  • 3

    Give access to the client portal by sending an automated email.

  • 4

    Client fills in all Standard, Scope and Site details.

  • 5

    Easily setup the multi-year and audit contract.

  • 6

    Share contract via digital signature process.

Case 2

A company with 4 locations is applied to be iso9001 and iso 14001 certified – The same principles apply as in case 1, but the efficieny is taken into account in calculation, pricing and eventually in execution. See coming series.

  • 1

    Combine or integrate the Standards in the audits.

  • 2

    Calculation rules will determine the efficiency and related reduction in hours.

  • 3

    Hour reduction is reflected in the pricing.

  • 4

    Fully automatize your multi-site and standard calculation and contract process.

Unlocking Zertic Advanced Features

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