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 From Contact to Contract: Audit Program

In this series, we will explain how to streamline your process from Scoping to Setup the Audit Program to setting up the Contract.

The process, step by step.

Zertic streamlines certification body operations by offering audit program solutions. It helps certification bodies stay competitive and provide quality service to clients.

In the previous topic, we explained the scoping that needs to be done before the audit program is set up. All data is entered per standard and on-site level in Scoping. Let’s jump into the next, Audit Program. 👇

Every click is a step towards efficiency with Zertic.

Audit Program Set Up

It is time to detail the scope of work per audit cycle in this step. You start by selecting sites per audit process (stage 1, stage 2, and so on). → A clear overview per audit type of which site will be visited.

Optionally, you can define relevant audit criteria per process and scope processes per site.

Determine Type of Audits

You may want to perform audits for multiple sites and standards together.
In this case, Zertic allows you to combine those audits by simply drag and drop.

Combine Audits

We understand that you may certify different sites of a company for different standards, here Zertic brings efficiency!

This great function will help you reduce your repetitive tasks in audits.

Do you have the same activities that need to be performed for different standards? You will perform it for once with Zertic. One report for your multi-site customer!

Overview of Company Branches with Audit Details

You will be able to see a complete overview of the audit, sites, standards, combinations, processes, scopes, and cycles.

Now, it is just a click to calculate all hour types and cost types and provide the overall financial overview for the contract. All site variables such as adding complexity factors or discounting for site combinations are considered.

The final offer and contract are being generated and ready to be (digitally) signed by the customer.

Key Features

  • Setup relevant sites per standard
  • Manage site-relevant scoping and calculation data
  • Select sites per audit cycle
  • Combine sites and standards
  • Process and Criteria scoping per audit
  • Calculation of onsite and offsite hours
  • Calculation and setup of the complete Contract
  • Push audit program to schedule

We have a solution that fits every organization.

AUDIT TYPES Single Site Multi Site Campus
Single Audit

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