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Are you an accreditation body and looking forward to optimizing your work?

The overall process of an Accreditation Body is the same as the process of a Certification Body. But there are differences in the workflow, scope, region, CB management, and rule sets. To manage these, Zertic created a Certification Body Management module to manage the accreditation. Zertic provides advanced solutions for accreditation bodies that are ready to use from the start. The complete End-2-End workflow is built according to the accreditation workflow in order to increase your efficiency. Based on our many years of experience with clients executing accreditations, we provide you with the Market’s best practices.

Why Zertic?

Zertic offers configurable workflows that align with your accreditation process. This includes stages such as application submission, document review, site visits, evaluations, and final accreditation decisions. Our software covers all of your accreditation stages. So that you can be 65% more efficient by optimizing and simplifying the accreditation process, improving collaboration among stakeholders, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and enhancing transparency. You will see effective accreditation outcomes by using Zertic software.

Zertic provided solutions to an accreditation body 

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