Non-Conformity Management

NC automatically managed by Zertic

  • Any non-conformities found during an audit are automatically generated. All dates to manage the NC process are created based on the standard and corresponding NC rules set.
  • Most of our clients want to review the NC before final communication to the client, so NCs are directly communicated in concept in the client portal. After reviewing the NCs, the client will receive a formal confirmation of the NC. The communicated NCs are now open for mitigation by the client.
  • The non-conformity module works with a configurable workflow in which each step performs a different action and communication. Each NC’s status is presented on screen and in the digital audit form.
  • The NC reported in the previous audit is visible in the next audit, so it is easy for the auditor to follow up. Especially with contract auditors, previous NC evidence and status could be hard to find.

Most important functions

  • NC rule set with correct dates
  • Centralized Status and Evidence registration available in all processes
  • Direct insight in the audit form previous and outstanding NCs
  • Evidence upload and review options
  • Zertic schedular with email reminders to clients