Zertic Audit Program

Manage the complete
multi-site contract

  • The audit program module is optional for multi-site audits. This module creates all the sites with the required data like scope, risk level, cluster, mandatory to include in audit, and much more.
  • The quote determines the scopes, the cluster, and the number of sites per cluster. Zertic generated the audit program, which the project manager details with the sites per audit cycle.
  • In the audit program, you can assign the audit team, schedule the audit, or forward all data to the planning. Zertic offers different scenarios for managing the complete process of multi-site audits.

Most important functions

  • Managing all data of individual sites or locations
  • Use the data to generate the correct quote
  • Use the quote data to set the right audit program
  • Ensure coverage of scopes
  • Create the right team and optimize planning