Zertic Integrated Planning

Optimize your resources
and satisfy your clients

  • All approved contracts lead to new planning tasks. It is clear when the task needs to be scheduled based on the client’s initial date or the first issue date of a certificate.
  • According to the contract, the schedule in Zertic will manage all time windows, scopes, and combinations of audits. Zertic shows the best team members for the audit (based on the competencies, location, roles, rotations, and availability). The planner can easily create the best team.
  • The task(s) can now be planned and confirmed with the client and audit team. Once the task(s) is planned, the audit moves to the Execution module.
  • Zertic integrates with all online calendars; the planner has a real-time view of the audit and contractor schedule.

Most important functions

  • Managing competencies
  • Calendar integrations
  • Email automation
  • Optimize travel distance
  • Creation of teams
  • Managing time windows
  • Managing team roles