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Are you experiencing growing pains but can’t find the time and money to invest in long IT projects?

Have you ever wished for a pre-configured solution that could simplify and speed up the implementation process?

Learn how you can easily scale up your Certification Body today.

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No Pre-investment Needed

Investing when growing is hard. We optimized the project to keep costs as low as possible; you can do almost everything yourself. We even provide financing options to spread the project costs. The full license fee will only take effect after Go-Live. 

Grow Your Business

Growing your business is an ongoing process. We will have a yearly scoping meeting in which we analyze together what is needed to enable the next step. We will adjust the configuration as required.

Online Academy - Manuals

You can onboard yourself and new team members with the Zertic GO Online Academy. We have a complete wiki manual for the key user to make small changes yourself.

Ready to Use

With Zertic GO, you can start directly with a complete process. You can add more advanced functionality in time. This will limit disruption, enables you to make the right decisions and shorten your implementation.

Standard Library

Zertic provides a rapidly growing library of standards you can pick from, including checklists, calculations, rule sets, and reports. You can add your (local) criteria yourself.

65% More Efficiency

We have created “the first time right” process and removed all parts of the process where you were losing money. No more iterations and achieve 65% more efficiency with our fully optimized workflow in Zertic GO.

Say Good Bye to

  • Manual work

  • High costs

  • Limited functionality
  • Poor scalability

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You can now grow your business in only 4 steps

Dive into Zertic GO

After working with all sizes of Certification Bodies with different standards, we built a valuable application and a do-it-your-self approach called Zertic GO. Zertic GO is a pre-configured system for TIC companies that embodied the market best practice.

Zertic GO supports your complete process in optimizing and integrating acquisition, planning, execution, nonconformities, certificate, quote, and invoicing.  All modules are pre-configured with workflows, roles and rights, emails notification, alerts, schedulers with reminders, and much more.

Onboarding training is completely online. You can follow it in your self-pace and set up everything by yourself. Every week you will have real-time coaching sessions to help you with optimizing Zertic GO to your needs. Like implementing your quote template, adjusting emails, and adapting the workflow to your processes.

That depends on your scope (number of standards) and available time. After you have chosen for Zertic software, we will immediately get to work for you, for example by preparing your personal environment. In addition, we ask you to make time for following an online course. From Zertic it is feasible to go live with the primary processes of Zertic GO within 8 to 12 weeks. Of course, it is no problem if you prefer to spread this over a longer period. In addition, it is not an obligation to go live with the software as of January.

We understand you are already working overtime to Run your business. We succeeded to limit your time investment to 4 hours a week. An average onboarding to Go-Live takes 8 to 12 weeks of time. Of course, there are several variables like the number of standards or your current data quality that affect the number of hours you need to free up.


The idea behind the Zertic GO approach is to start faster for small and middle-size companies, if you are a small or middle-size company, you can do the online training by yourself and start immediately. If you are big, Zertic trains superusers within your company and they can configure the system.

Zertic provides you tester training and test scripts. You can test your system configuration and integration step by step through our test scripts. It is easy to follow the scripts and see if your system is ready to go live before it is validated by Zertic.

Yes, you can! If your standards are already in our Zertic GO library, you only have to add users, your pricing, and clients to start using Zertic GO. Any assignment will lead to the correct invoice based on standard regulation calculations. From day one we set up your system including your logo and best practice templates for the quote, invoice, and email communication.

Our consultants help remotely with the design of the software and its supervision. We offer you several support options where you can go with your questions. We have listed them:

  • Hypercare

After going live, you will have a 1-month hyper care period. The meetings in this period will be personalized to your needs and one-on-one.

  • Online Academy for New Users

You can find all courses about the Zertic software tools and how to use the software. The courses in the academy are easy to follow. Some of the courses are Basic Internal Auditor Course and Basic Configuration Course. We have quizzes at the end of each course where you can review what you have learned.

  • Coaching Sessions for Admins

We assume that our consultant supports you in a targeted manner so that you as an organization can mainly continue independently.

  • FAQ/Manual and Support Portal

Our manual includes FAQ and much more information about how to use Zertic software. On average, most of your questions are already answered in Zertic’s manual. If you run into a problem while performing the daily work you can not solve it by applying the manual. Then you can submit your ticket in the support portal. The Zertic Support team will help you solve the problem for free. Our colleagues and specialized teams are ready to help you.

It is possible to extend your license on a daily basis. You just add a new user yourself. This additional user will be invoiced inline with your contract agreement. At the start you by a bundel of users. The bigger the bundel the lower the price per user will be. You can adjust your bundle once per year to lower the number of users. You can increase your bundle anytime to profit from the bundel discount.

We created an easy migration tool for the SMB market. You can upload all your clients, audits and planning data via excel out put of your current system or using our templates. For larger organisations we use API migration. We have a well documenten API suite that you can use for migrating all relevant data from existing system to Zertic GO.

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See how you can easily scale up your Certification Body today.

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