Use the full potential of Zertic workflow and functionality and realize 50% efficiency with your current office audit work files.

Within Zertic, it is possible to keep working with your current audit checklists (mostly in Word or Excel) and use the complete workflow from acquisition to invoicing. There are three reasons why clients use this option:





Limit the impact of implementing an integrated powerful software platform. Auditors can still execute the audit they are used to. And, Zertic will manage the audit plan and the non-conformities

Optimize the complete process by 50% or more

Shorten the implementation time and limit the efforts. Some standards only apply to a few clients; creating a digital audit checklist will take time. When you have many standards, time constraints could prevent a timely go-live.


What are the benefits that Zertic local standards will bring to your team?

  • Create quotes with onsite and offsite hour calculations

  • Multi-site in quotation, planning, execution, and certification
  • Competence, location, and team planning

  • Manage audits throughout the certification process

  • Almost entirely automized creation of the audit plan

  • Non-conformity managed with client portals

  • Management of frequencies and deadlines (audits, certificates, verifications, and NCs)
  • Digital Certificates

  • All communications via email triggers in the workflow process
  • Competence management

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