Integrated Audits

Manage your Integrated audits from the quote to the final certificate with Zertic. You can combine the integrated audit tasks of the different standards in the quote. (Zertic even provides template quotes for integrated audits). Integrated audits will lead to efficiency not only in logistic optimization but also efficiency in the execution of the audit. This efficiency could lead to discounts for the client.

  • In the planning, the integrated audits are linked. When scheduling, the planner only can schedule the audits in combination. When it is necessary to create a team to cover the complete scope of the integrated audit, the system will indicate that not all competencies are covered by the selected auditor(s).

  • Integrated audits are different standards with partly joint criteria and can be executed simultaneously by one or more auditors. Technically separate tasks travel together through the complete certification process. And the joint criteria only have to be audited once. These tasks will lead to individual reports and certificates.
  • Clients can add or remove scopes and standards in the future without losing the history of previous audits.

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