Product Certification

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Are you providing ISO 17065 Product certification to your clients and looking forward to optimizing your work?

Zertic provides product certification solutions ready to use from the start. The complete End-2-End workflow is built to be 17065 compliant. We provide you with the Market best practice based on our many years of experience with clients providing product certification services. We have different flows for company audits and product testing, all under the same certification.

Zertic supports multiple assignments related to the same project and certificates. You will keep track of all audit and test activities with Zertic.

Why Zertic?

With Zertic, you can manage your clients from the initial contact to the final certificate and invoice. Zertic will make your complete process up to 65% more efficient. It combines the test process and results with the company and process audits to assure an integrated and evidence-based certification. You can adjust your testing workflow to specific product testing needs. We can integrate with your Laboratory Information Management System to include the results in the test report.

You easily add new tasks related to the same contract for testing changes or new features to the certified product.

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