Zertic provides an extensive Global Standards library fully configured in your system. You can start creating quotes and performing the audits from day one. Next to the entire workflow, the Global Standard configuration contains the following items:

  • Competencies

  • Categories / EA codes

  • Calculation Variables

  • Calculation Rules

  • All email communications

  • Non-conformity rule set

  • Competence and location-based (team) planning

  • Audit Plan and Report
  • End of An Audit Letter

  • Audit Checklist and Full Report

  • Audit Formal and Technical Review

  • Execution workflow

  • Accreditation-specific criteria and workflow steps

  • Digital certificates

  • Single, Combined, and Integrated audits

  • And much more!


We know from experience that localization in the standard configuration is necessary. You can easily adjust all the above default settings to the needs of the different business units. You will still be able to reach harmonization without non-compliance with local requirements


Select the standard in-scope from the Zertic Library
2. Scope Categories / EA Codes / Competencies per use
3. Select the applicable accreditation bodies
4. Scoping of process scenarios
5. Adjust calculation (round off rules)
6. Adjust NC fields
7. End-2-End test

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