Zertic Invoicing

Fully automated invoicing process

  • The invoicing module is where you can handle all invoices for the customer. Invoicing triggers are configurable in all workflows. Zertic generates a draft invoice based on the quote, booked hours, and project status.
  • Zertic supports different invoicing scenarios (budget, actual, upfront, afterwards); these settings are per standard.

  • Most clients use the Zertic invoicing module to send invoices and reminders. The Zertic Finance API makes data transfer seamless to and back from your financial system.
  • Zertic supports the project manager in reviewing the quoted budget versus the time material budget.
  • Zertic supports multiple contracts and related invoices: monthly fees, framework agreements, quoted budget, and time material. You can invoice global clients in the applicable currency and tax regime.

Most important functions

  • Create a quote based on price lists with hour and cost types (budgets)
  • Multi-currency invoicing
  • Global tax-regime functionality
  • Options for third-party payments
  • Full API integration with third-party bookkeeping software
  • Automatically create concept invoices based on triggers in the execution and certification steps
  • Create, send, and follow up on invoices based on prefixed prices or time material based on actual hours