Multi-site scope and evidence-based Digital Certificates

  • The quoting step in the acquisition process creates the certificate card. When renewing a contract, you can take over all previous data. This certificate contains all relevant data gathered by the complete certification process.
  • You can manage the results of all the different sites and the overall certificate in the certificate card. In this way, you can select the sites again that were not compliant in the previous certification cycle.
  • The certificate card contains all the data needed on the certificate, like the scopes, location, version, accreditation body, and much more. The certificate is a digital file that can be sent as a PDF and printed as a hard copy.
  • The execution process triggers the certification workflow process; when the audit is in the final stage, the certification process will initiate the certification decision process.
  • Zertic manages the many dates related to the certification process to ensure the timely issuing of the certificate. The optional decision form captures all formal checks to prove the validity of the certification decision.

Most important functions

  • Certificate card with all data about the audits
  • Structured and well-documented decision process
  • Integration of all processes and data
  • Automated generation of the certificate
  • Immediate overview of the payment status
  • Direct overview of the NC status