Zertic Optimized Execution

Digitalize and streamline your Audit

  • After the audit is planned, it moves to the execution module, where the audit takes place. The digital audit file contains the audit plan, primary audit, and post-audit (review). Per standard and even sub-standard, you can create a specific workflow.
  • In the audit, you can also define roles for Auditors, Lead Auditors, Expert, Reviewers, and any required role. During the planning, your team is assigned to these roles so that in the execution, they will have the proper access roles. Dedicated functionality will be available for auditors, reviewers, technical reviewers, and any required role you have defined.
  • Many functions are available to support the auditor in the execution, for example, pre-defined answer options per score per criteria, automated report generator, and interactive forms based on scope, audit phase, and results. The auditor has a direct overview of outstanding or to-be-verified NCs. The audit plan is pre-filled based on quote and planning data. Auditors have the option to take over previous audit data.
  • The execution module is also where non-conformities are created; these can be handled via the non-conformities module or by the auditor in the execution flow. Zertic allows the reuse of functionalities across modules to reflect the current way of work.
  • Zertic provides push-button reports.
  • You can create any report and select the report you want to issue to the client. All data from quote, planning, and audit file is populated in the reports.

Most important functions

  • Auto generation of the audit file based on scope and phase
  • Audit workflow per (sub) standard
  • Standard reporting with customized templates
  • Common criteria in integrated audits only need to be audited once
  • Direct communication with clients via email and client private portal
  • Automatic creation of NC based on score, including the management of all due dates
  • Pre-defined answer options per criteria per score
  • Pre-populated audit plan