Be confident that the right competencies are in place!

Optimize your team planning and competence management with a competence-oriented scheduling tool.

The pressure on your team is growing. You need to match all your clients, scopes, and locations with your audit team. It is hard to find good auditors and manage their qualifications. You see your back office even growing faster to fix the puzzle than your audit team. You are wondering if your team qualification is matching the demands of your customers.

Managing their competencies is hard and becomes harder as the Standards Bodies put more focus on competence management and the qualification requirements. You as a TIC body probably keep track of the data of auditors’ competencies and store the data in separate files.

This results in another issue in planning. Planners have to do endless manual checks before scheduling an auditor.

Moreover, no single auditor can work across multiple areas. So organizations combine auditors into audit teams, creating the need for “competence-oriented scheduling”.

We saw these critical problems in competence management combined with planning. Based on our expertise in auditing and competence management, we developed software with different features. Our Competence Management Tools are integrated into the planning software to optimize your team utilization and reduce stress on your team.

If you want to see our integrated competence management, book a demo with us, see the right solution and stop worrying about optimizing your team planning and competence management.

Having separate systems will never allow you to relieve the need such as providing proof of compliance, proof of training, audit witnesses process, and optimized planning.

By centralizing the information and providing access to all stakeholders, everyone from TIC standards bodies to auditors to clients can be confident that the right competencies are in place.