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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. Through a standard API we connect your existing CRM to the system. This way your CRM will update the zertic system automatically. During the project you will decide which CRM will be leading going forward. If you choose to keep your existing CRM as the leading part going forward, the zertic CRM will remain active so you don’t need to reinsert your contacts into the system.

Yes, you can. Through a standard API we connect your existing bookkeeping system to Zertic. You can invoice and manage your finance process in Zertic. All data is wired to your bookkeeping system to the right records. Or you can choose to invoice from your bookkeeping system, the API key makes sure that the Zertic system will be up to date at all times.

The implementation is partly dependent on the number of standards you have. But in general we apply the rule one day per user to a maximum of 50 days. We train your team to do the configuration yourselves. In that way we can limit the out of pocket expenses. Once you grow and implement more standards you can add them into the system yourself, without the need for extra expenses.

We provide a range of standards, reports and other variables. Even though the system supports the execution of all standards, we do not have premade execution forms for all standards. It may be possible that you need to configure your own execution form using our upload sheets. Don’t worry, they are easy to use and we train you prehand.

Yes, you can ask for a demo on this website. We only provide real time demo’s in our first calls. After the training you are able to login yourself and learn all about it. We are pleased to meet you and make the demo specific to your information needs.

On the pricing page you will find the price list. If your user number is not within the price range, please reach out to get an accurate price. We do have different packages for different purposes, these are presented on the price page as well. If there are any questions regarding price or payment, please contact us.

Yes, you can. We have created an upload sheet where you can upload your (local) standards. We train you to use the full range of options beforehand, this includes default answer options, calculation, dependencies rules, questions types and much more. After you upload the standard the reports are immediately working this includes the certificate. In this way you can update your standards anytime. Once the standard is uploaded you can use it indefinitely.