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Certification finance software

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Certification finance software

Invoices are automatically generated during the process from proposal to audit report.


Financial tasks involve creating and following up on invoices, managing costs and keeping track of expenses. These tasks are primarily conducted in the quotation and reporting module. The finance tasks start when a client requests an initial invoice. The tasks end once the client accepts the invoice and pays, or when the client declines the invoice.

Concept invoices can be created before, during and after the audit. Relevant information is automatically registered into the invoice, this includes changes in the onsite/offsite time. The invoices are based on the initial contracts with the client. Once the invoice is accepted the finance manager reports the invoice to your bookkeeping through an automated link in the system.

For each standard and audit specific costs are applicable. Depending on the policy these costs can be invoiced upfront, during or after the audit. The finance manager can choose a default setting with all cost types. The costs, and possible additional expenses, update the project automatically, so the cost price is always up to date.

The Reporting module provides the finance manager with a KPI dashboard. This dashboard shows the current status of all outstanding invoices, overdue bills, total monthly expenses and predicted revenue. The finance manager can proactively respond to these indicators by setting out actions to sales or account managers.