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Certification manager software

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Certification management software

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General Managers are in charge of the strategic and commercial development of the business. The tasks range from managing business performances to expanding business with new clients or standards. Most tasks are not bound to a single process step, instead the activities range over the whole process.

General Managers can create reports of the current acquisition flow. These reports show closed contracts over the year, amount of contracts per country or contracts per person. The reports give a clear representation of the current state of the acquisition flow. General Managers together with marketing and sales can create new plans based on the analyses in the dashboard.

Work in progress overviews are input for the sales and marketing team to focus their activities, for the management it is input for human resource decisions and focus. These reports show potential highs and lows in scheduled hours. The information is a forecast for a potential overrun. The HRM module can be used to create new application forms to attract new employees ahead of time. This enables the management to be proactive, releasing pressure from the organisation.

The dashboard provides a number of revenue analysis reports, like budgeted costs vs actual costs, audits per month per auditor or audits per scheme per month. All the information in the system is available for analysis. Based on the dashboards the management could act accordingly to intervene in sales or planning to optimize upcoming revenue. The dashboard and reports will be delivered with a push of a button, completed with graphs and all relevant information. Inside the module the General Manager has the option to share these reports with teams or individuals.

The General Manager has an overview of all outstanding Internal Quality Management tasks. The corresponding deadlines create a simple timeline for the General Manager. If a manager has pushed a task onto a team or individual the General Manager can be notified. The General Manager can assign priorities to those tasks, this is communicated automatically to all parties involved.