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Are your clients concerned about the safety of their data? Do your suppliers ask about the types of measures that you apply to ensure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands? As cybercrimes become more commonplace, adopting the right solutions at the right times is obviously a wise strategy. While many managers are already aware of ISO certifications, relatively few have heard of NEN regulations. Let us take a closer look at these standards before moving on to discuss why NEN certification software can offer your firm a higher degree of security.

What is NEN Certification?

The NEN 7510 certification standard is similar to the ISO 27001 framework. Both are associated with privacy in the healthcare sector and protecting the data of patients. The main difference is that the NEN 7510 programme is specifically associated with the Netherlands while the ISO regulations apply to the entire European Union.

So, it only stands to reason that your organisation may very well require software for NEN certification if it regularly deals with clients from the Netherlands. Firms associated with healthcare service providers, processing patient information or those specialising in Profile-Guided Optimisation (PGO) may also require NEN software certification.

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How Can This Software Benefit Your Organisation?

First and foremost, it is crucial to ensure that all in-house systems remain in full compliance with both ISO and NEN regulations. Not only will NEN certification software this help to protect proprietary information, but it will ensure that your organisation is not penalised in the future. There are nonetheless other benefits to mention. For instance, these packages can address concerns such as NEN certification software CRM bundles and financial management. They can determine which software systems are being used the most and if any updates are needed. It is even possible to highlight which employees are accessing specific systems (crucial in terms of internal security).

The bottom line is that software for NEN certification could very well represent an excellent choice for your organisation. Please contact us to request additional information or if you would like to learn more about specific applications such as NEN certification software CRM modules).