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You can stop worrying about deadlines, scheduling the right team, endless reporting activities, keeping up with accreditation rules, and increasing costs due to complexity. We do it for you!

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BRCGS en Zertic are partners. All information is now automatically exchanged between the BRCGS platform and Zertic. All standards and reports are delivered and maintained by Zertic. You are assured to be compliant with the BRCGS accreditation standards. The ease of use of zertic, the full integration of all modules, and the data exchange with BRCGS will bring you comfort and unprecedented efficiency. The complete flow, content and management of this standard is optimized by our loyal clients and standard owners in the past years! We have 100% retention rate.

Some of the key functions are:

  • Product safety and quality (non-manufacturing traders)
  • Consumer Products Certification;
  • 2 standards: General Merchandise & Personal Care and Houshold
  • Ethical Trade and Responsible SourcingGlobal Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • Gluten-Free Food certificationPackaging Materials Global Standard
  • Plant-Based food certificationGlobal Standard for Retail
  • Food Safety Certification for small to medium-sized business
  • Supply Chain Safety & Integrity in the warehousing and logistics sector
  • Manufacturing own label products for supermarket chain Asda

Project Details


You will get the following right from the start:

  • Quoting and price calculation
  • Timely planning audits
  • Automatic generation of questionnaire
  • Standard reports
  • Client portal for all audit information
  • Client portal for following up NC’s
  • Automatic generation of Certificate
  • Multi-lengual standard
  • Review flow
  • Managed competencies

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