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You can stop worrying about deadlines, scheduling the right team, endless reporting activities, keeping up with accreditation rules, and increasing costs due to complexity. We do it for you!


Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics; raw materials and finished products. This standards exist to offer consumers guarantees about the composition and qualities of a cosmetic product. The NATRUE Standard, which is private, voluntary and international, sets strict label criteria for natural and organic cosmetics, which translate into guarantees both for: producers whose cosmetic products are certified to a high and strictly controlled benchmark for natural and organic cosmetics in the market and consumers who can rely on the NATRUE seal to identify natural and organic cosmetics that match their expectations and demands. This standard is fully managed by Zertic!

You will get the following right from the start:

  • Quoting and price calculation
  • Timely planning audits
  • Automatic generation of questionnaire
  • Standard reports
  • Client portal for all audit information
  • Client portal for following up NC’s
  • Automatic generation of Certificate
  • Multi-lengual standard
  • Review flow
  • Managed competencies

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