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Certification quality software

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Certification quality software

Quality directors and quality managers can embed ISO/IEC 170xx into the Zertic processes.


Quality managers regulate the quality of the certification service. They are continuously adapting new requirements and improving the quality of the core process. They do so by appointing internal staff members with strategically chosen tasks. These tasks may originate within the organization, or the client/scheme requires the execution of them.

The KanBan system is a way to visually track changes within a process. KanBan activities can originate from the customer support module, internal idea boxes or directly from the quality manager. Each activity has a budget, a due date, an executor and a reviewer. Timely email and dashboard reminders help to manage a streamlined KanBan process flow.

The KanBan system provides an overview of the tasks. These tasks do not have to be individual tasks. The Quality manager can structure a complete project within the KanBan tool. Tasks can be linked together and follow Gantt Charts as a guideline. This way the manager has the option to push complete projects through the KanBan system.

The Reporting module provides the quality manager with dashboards of his Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These indicators may include, but are not limited to, the status of quotes, planned audits and executed audits. The module alerts the manager when the KPI values may be missed. The manager can use these indicators to guide new, or change existing, actions.