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Certification review software

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Reviews are performed on either operational audit files or auditors personal performances. The operational review is performed in the execution flow, at the end of each audit. The review of auditors performance is a periodic review performed by management. These tasks are not bound to a single process, instead they reach over the entire process.

An audit review follows the audit execution. The system supports the reviewer by providing filter options in the audit form to navigate to non-conformities and unanswered items. Due to default answer options the reviewer can assume that the questions are answered adequately. The auditor gets confirmation of the completion of the review. If necessary the auditor is required to improve the audit file.

The auditor will be notified when an audit is reverted with review comments. The review comments are reported per specific section. Navigation options highlight only the sections which need attention. Next to the adjustments, the auditor can add in the review comments additional remarks about the adjustments for the second review.

There are two types of auditor reviews: witness audits and auditfile reviews. With a witness audit an external witnesser is scheduled through the planning to attend audits. The second option, the review of audit files, is a dedicated role. The actual audit form is extended with a review form to document the reviewers findings. The findings are only accessible with the right authorizations. The findings are communicated to the auditor via the system in a structured format.