Scheme Manager

Certification scheme manager software

Schemes are evolving fast, no problem for me, as Zertic made version management easy in every detail.

Certification scheme management software

All the information you need, in one place.


The scheme manager manages the upcoming updates within the schemes. The scheme manager also implements new strategic visions and coordinate the audit resources. Via the Customer Portal, he can interact with existing and new clients to update them about scheme changes. Most tasks are not bound to a single process step, instead, the activities range over the whole process.

Once a new version of a scheme takes effect, the scheme manager has various ways to update all involved parties on the impact of the changes. Via the Customer Portal the scheme manager can communicate with existing and new clients to update them about scheme changes. This is done through automated emails or in-app notifications.

When the company’s vision changes the scheme manager has to implement these changes in the schemes or processes he manages. This can be done through the system’s KanBan. This KanBan is a to-do list for auditors. The KanBan is completed with timely reminders and conformations of tasks, automated emails of new tasks and reporting functions.

The Reporting module provides the scheme manager with a KPI dashboard. This dashboard shows the current status of all quotes, planning, audits and inspections within the scheme. The module alerts the scheme manager when the KPI values are in danger. The Scheme manager can then proactively respond to these alerts by setting out actions for teams or individuals.