Certification audit program software

Audit program

Audit Programs range from scheduling till the execution of the audit. Audit Programs are used for larger clients with multiple subsidiaries and standards. It is possible to combine audits, create teams based on the required competencies and schedule audit cycles for the upcoming years in the Audit Program step.


Within the Audit Program I have all upcoming audits and inspections in one overview. I can select the team, location, competences and date in a single screen. After creating the program, I can make the tasks available for the team to execute, at the push of a button.

As a lead auditor it is important to keep track of all assignments for my largest clients. With the Audit Program I have an overview of all these tasks. It shows me everything I need to know, from my team members till the preparation date of the audit. All the insights makes the internal management and overall reporting much easier.

Certification process Zertic

The Audit Program imports information from the quote, I don’t have to worry about the number of hours, scope or competencies. The first time right process saves me time and reduces my chance of error. I can now focus my energy on what matters to the clients and my other process tasks.


After the quote is accepted by the client, all the tasks are transferred to the audit program. The planner gets an overview of all the to be scheduled tasks. For some tasks, the reference visit date and location is already determined during the acceptance of the proposal phase. For others, the audit date and location are still open. The scope and the related competencies needed to perform every task are shown to the planner. When selecting the right auditor for the task, the competencies of the auditor are shown. The complete coverage of all competencies is managed in the competence module, the system will indicate if all the required competencies are covered by the team.


Depending on the standard the quote provides the details of the multi sites. This includes the time, scope, location and other data. Otherwise it can provide the number of site visits without actually mentioning the sites individually. In the planning all to be scheduled tasks are presented. When the quote is providing all information, the planner only has to combine the right team. When only the number of site visits is known, the planner can make a selection of the sites to be audited. In this way he can optimize the planning.

All to be scheduled audits are taken from the quote. Based on the execution date of the initial audit, all other surveillance audit dates are calculated. Zertic will automatically make a list of the best available auditors to schedule for the audit. The list is based on the required competencies, location of the audit and auditor, availability, relationship with the client, and the number of executed audits on site. Zertic will indicate if the surveillance audit is within the boundaries of the standard and birthdate of the certificate.

For larger audits and combinations of audits, the planning can be complex. Zertic supports the planner by providing all information on screen and processing all planning rules applicable for combination audits automatically. The offered hours including the hour reduction due to efficiency of combination audits taken from the quote. You can see on screen what the missing competence of the team is, and which auditor has the required competences to complete the team.