Data errors from manual inputs to customer complaints


It’s been a long day in the office and you are just about ready to head home. You do one last scan of your email in-box and there it is: a complaint from a very angry client whose audit is going wrong.

You go and check on his documentation and then you spot it: data errors across multiple forms caused by manual inputs of information. It’s happened again and it’s going to ruin your evening. Again. Sound familiar?


The problem is that many TIC bodies really struggle with having the same complicated data entered over and over again throughout all the steps of the certification process. The information is entered manually for the proposal, again for the contract, again into the planning program and on it goes.

After receiving the signed contract that contains relevant information about the audits required for the next three years, the planner does a manual transfer on scope, competencies, budget hours and much more. And most likely you are using different tools for sales and planning supported by Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel, a perfectly good spreadsheet programme for some tasks, but nowhere the level required for such a complex workflow. They are error-prone and not dynamic enough for multiple inputs from many stakeholders. Even worse are those forms that are cut-and-paste into Word documents. A disaster waiting to happen.

With so many clients, so many audits taking place and the sheer scale of the data, mistakes will always be made when you rely on such a manual system. Human error is normal, right?
But these mistakes can even result in the wrong audit being executed or important details such as scope, number of employees, locations and non-conformities being wrong or out of date.

These ongoing problems will affect your margins – and perhaps more importantly, your reputation. Angry clients who are already battling the post-Covid economic situation don’t want to deal with certification cock-ups.

They just want it to work.



TIC is a low-automation market that needs the sort of comprehensive and fully-integrated SaaS solution that Zertic provides to ease your headaches.

We believe in “first time right”: getting the right data in the right place from the outset, accessible to all stakeholders through easy-to-understand dashboards.The whole process from quotation, planning and competencies management through to issuing and renewing certificates and invoicing works seamlessly and smoothly, massively reducing the prospect of human error.

You will find a compliant hour calculation, setting up audit tasks for the next three years, selecting and booking the right auditor, while eliminating double work and other inefficiencies. Even the audit execution file is automatically generated based on scope and audit Phase.Zertic’s solution provides cost-savings and efficiencies, but most of all it ensures your clients are happy.

And you don’t have your evenings ruined.



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