The ongoing nightmare of meeting critical deadlines



Meeting deadlines. The most critical part of the Test, Inspection and Certification (TIC) business.And almost certainly the biggest nightmare for all concerned. What should be a skilled scheduler’s dream becomes an endless struggle of lost data, missed deadlines, expired certificates that can even lead to burn-out. Your burn-out, we suspect.

It’s intensely irritating and frustrating to be at the end of a spaghetti-style mish-mash of data and information in disparate decentralised systems belonging to your clients, auditors and your own organization. The deadlines are countless: quotes, contracts, auditor scheduling and visits, repeat certification the following years, managing timeliness of all non-conformities and what is happening to resolve them.

You will have hundreds and thousands of clients, all with multiple timelines and actions necessary to keep their business compliant according to the standard. It is so easy for something to go wrong when data is entered (and mis-entered) manually in old school software like Excel and Word and then flows backwards and forwards by email with no-one sure what the latest and most up-to-date documentation is.

You know the problems. You live with it every day and are probably employing way too many people to deal with this retro way of operating.

Managing all rule sets of deadlines for non-conformity, timely follow-up surveillance audits or scheduling an additional unannounced audit is a classic problem, especially when you have so many clients to keep an eye on. Too often, the auditor, scheduler and client are all left wondering who did what, when and where. To make things worse, a snowball effect can emerge when all the deadlines relate to each other, resulting in claims against you and hefty penalties.

The answer is obvious: you need an integrated solution for acquisition, quotes, planning, execution, non-conformities invoicing and certifications that keeps all the data in one place and allows all involved access and accountability. More important it should safeguard all different schedules of deadlines to meet. But that is easier said than done and we are pretty sure that you don’t have the resources or technological capability to build it yourselves. So you muddle on, hoping that deadlines will be met and everyone will be happy.


This is where Zertic can provide the answer for you. We have developed an integrated software solution that enables all the deadline information to be inputted, managed by pro-active automatic reminders to auditors and clients. All data is updated accurately, accessed through our elegant dashboards and portals to reduce deadline stress.

Our ever-evolving well-designed platform can reference multiple data points against a set of requirements to validate if an action needs to be completed by the auditor. And our built-in client portal provides your customers will access to all the right information they need at any time, complete with reminders. It’s time to embrace technology and enable your organisation to get on top of the deadline challenge. We are here to help you.




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