Don’t let accreditation drive you nuts but accelerate



We know there is one big thing that quietly drives you nuts: new accreditation requirements that come in each year. Each year there is a new focus on a different set of standards and competencies, which requires new training and, most importantly, an audit trail of what is covered and whether your teams are fully compliant and up to date.

The accreditation bodies are continually raising the bar of what is required, pushing the boundaries for you and your teams. Which of course is a good thing, it will make a plain level playing field for certification bodies and it will sort out the “Cowboys” in the industry. And ultimately it will increase the level of trust you provide to your clients. But they don’t drive your margin; they take time out from your auditors’ billable hours and they are devilishly hard to track.

Many Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) bodies are struggling to comply with these increasingly stringent and evolving requirements. They stem from global quality standards such as NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17020 which tests the expertise and independence of your certification body; 17065 which focuses on your management and technical skills and 17021 which looks for a transparent control process for conducting audits. We see that every 12 months, there is a different focus on the topics covered within the standards, which requires you to be able to immediately demonstrate that you are fully covered.

Why does it drive you so nuts? So many TIC bodies are still using Word documents or even a paper-based process to try and keep track of all the certification shifts, making an audit trail at best incredibly difficult, or, at worst, downright impossible. The links between competencies, qualifications, quotations, teams, deadlines, quality checks and good services are impossible to manage let stand proving.

The smart way forward is to install integrated software-based systems and processes that identify and track all accreditation criteria at any time of the year, including competencies management, qualifications, certification decision papers, with a transparent ability to demonstrate the internal quality system.


With Zertic’s solution, increasing the automation and “first time right” approach to data entry makes all the difference to ongoing and tedious administrative issues that can only slow you down and make you more inefficient. We work closely with our customers to ensure that meeting accreditation requirements is on the top of the agenda, so that we develop new functionality that makes your lives easier.

And Zertic goes that extra mile, they adopt the latest accreditation requirements and push them through your process and dashboards. The through power of Software as a Service. With our SaaS software and affordable subscriptions, the costs don’t come before the benefits.

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