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Data, data, data: it’s all about the data. And selling your data. And using your data to try and sell more services back to you. It’s not an uncommon issue as we all know.

Every day online, companies are competing to capture your personal information to package it up and use it for their own benefit. It’s why those GDPR rules were brought in. So it has become a growing issue in the world of Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) and we are sure that it is giving you yet more headaches.

The problem is that each of the bodies that you interface with have their own databases which demand your information. And for each one, there is a tonne of work required to provide the data in the format that they require. You may be interacting with a hundred standards bodies at any one time and each of them is collecting detailed data, which they then can use for benchmarking purposes. What they usually do is then come back to you and force you to add more and more data to assure you have not fallen below a particular benchmark and therefore need to improve your services to get over the line.

They each build their own in-house, customised online portals that you need to use to upload the data for each audit, each employee, each auditor. Some may offer an API, but the data delivery still requires an additional burden on your already stretched IT department – and, no, it doesn’t help to grow your margin either. It’s essentially for the standards body’s benefit, not yours.

Keeping up to date with these data demands results in double or multiple entries, maintenance of APIs and complex management of non-conformities. And even worse in some cases you lose your client intimacy as you have to redirect them to the non-conformity portal of the standard body.

And each API and online portal is different and proprietary, so the additional work is significant and unhelpful. This is becoming a bigger and bigger issue – that the standard owners are unworried about – as they have the opportunity to build new revenue streams, selling back services to your clients.

The answer is a software gateway that enables you to provide the data once and for it to then be parsed into multiple databases.

This is what Zertic provides with our established API links with all the relevant bodies so that the data is automatically and accurately exchanged at the right times. Customers as well as auditors now only need to use the one single Zertic portal for all standards and no longer have to log into each one individually.

You can offer your clients integrated dashboards and increase your client interaction.


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