First time right inputs, increase your margin and no more customer complaints!

Have a proper quote, and increase
your margin by eliminating


It’s been a long day in the office and you are just about ready to head home. You do one last scan of your email inbox and there it is, a complaint from a very angry client whose audit is going wrong. The reason? The client informed sales about a new location and activity that was not communicated to the auditor.

This problem is prominent across many TIC bodies and originated from manually entered data throughout all the steps of the certification process.

The information is entered manually for the proposal, again for the contract, again into the planning program and on it goes.

Entering the data for each new task never stops.

Most likely you are using different tools for sales and planning supported by Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel, a perfectly good spreadsheet program for some tasks, but not for a complex workflow.

They are error-prone and not dynamic enough for multiple inputs from many stakeholders.

When you rely on such a manual system, especially with many clients, and so many audits taking place, mistakes will easily be made. Because human error is normal. Since we know this, we built software for TIC companies with the first-time-right mindset in data input.

If the problem sounds familiar to you, you can book a demo session with us and see how we solve this problem. In the end, lower customer complaints and gain a good reputation in the TIC world.

Let manual mistakes no longer ruin your evening. Today you can follow the first-time-right notion and book a meeting with us to see what integration will bring.

Errors are simply made but the results of them will not be simple. These mistakes can even result in clients leaving. Low margins due to inefficiencies or even worse your accreditation being suspended.

We believe in “first time right”: getting the right data in the right place, accessible to all stakeholders through easy-to-understand screens and dashboards. It reduces human error in the whole process from quotation, planning, and competencies management to issuing and renewing certificates and invoicing.

Zertic’s solution provides: a compliant hour calculation, setting up audit tasks for the next three years, selecting and booking the right auditor, eliminating double work and other inefficiencies. Most of all it ensures your clients are happy!