From complaints to compliments!

Don’t let accreditation drive
you nuts but accelerate

You know how complex being in the TIC industry is. It is a daily puzzle of things that need to be done in a specific order. And then all kinds of registrations require a lot of maintenance like working on the competencies of your auditors.

However, there is one big thing that quietly drives you nuts rather than this complexity. It is new accreditation requirements that come in each year. Each year there is a new focus on a different set of standards and competencies. The new focus requires new training and, most importantly, an audit trail of what is covered and whether your teams are fully compliant and up to date.

Accreditation bodies have a different focus every 12 months. You must be able to immediately prove that you are fully covered for that topic. Many Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) bodies are struggling to comply with these increasingly stringent and evolving requirements. They stem from global quality standards such as NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17020, 17065, and 17021. These standards look for a transparent control process for conducting audits.

If you want to track accreditation requirements continuously, book a demo with us and see how we keep track of the new requirements. In the end, compliance with them will increase your quality of services.

Zertic assures the highest quality of services delivered to your clients and identifies and tracks all accreditation criteria at any time of the year. Change your perception of accreditation from driving you nuts to accelerating your business. You can book a free demo by clicking here.

The accreditation bodies are continually raising the bar of what is required, pushing the boundaries for you and your teams. If you can not meet the new criteria, your business will be in trouble but also means your competitor will have the advantage. Tracking them will give you freedom and you can focus on your business in peace.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that meeting accreditation requirement is at the top of the agenda. This new functionality makes their lives easier. The latest accreditation requirements are at the tip of your fingers through our dashboards and preconfigured features.

Keep with the new accreditation requirements and increase the level of trust you provide to your clients!