Measurable management information, manageable business!

“What gets measured,
gets managed.”

-Peter Drucker

How is measured? The answer is key performance indicators.

These indicators aim to drive improvements in business profitability, performance, and operations. It is key to the management of the certification process.

As a certification manager, you are expected to apply the right management controls in place for your business. But how likely is it to do it with separated systems?

You will recognize not being able to make real-time analysis and provide your team with KPIs. They are just not able to make timely interventions and it will make you “suck” into the daily operations.

You are working in your business and not on your business. If you would have a KPI overview, for example, which actions are likely to be overdue, upcoming work in progress versus audit capacity. You would be able to intervene effectively and reduce last-minute stress. But most importantly you will have time to work on your business growth.

We understand the difficulty of tracking performance indicators with separate systems. Even disclosing operational data for a certification manager is challenging. Zertic’s system is built with the understanding of the importance of having one centralized system. In this system, signals or alerts are automatically sent to the right action holder if certain values or rules are violated, such as a major non-conformity being identified after the certification date.

If you are interested in our management system, you can book a demo and see how you can track the most important key performance indicators.

Analyze how much time you spent last month(s) on operations and ask your team how much time they waste on last minute corrections. Be in control and manage KPIs effectively by having a KPI dashboard and one integrated system.

If you do not measure how many audits are delayed, then you may never know what is causing those delays and you will never be able to reduce the number, except by luck.

A certification manager who uses Zertic’s fully integrated software:

will have immediate insight into work in outstanding quotes, work in progress, scheduled audits, and operational deadlines. More importantly, he can predict the bottlenecks in the process and will make timely interventions based on early signs of abnormalities without consulting you in making last minute priority decisions.