Stop puzzling certificates

Get all information in one place,
make the process of issuing
certificates easy.

Your team has been managing the complete certification process, “only” the final step needs to be taken: issuing the certificate. It is late and you are looking for NC status, the final version of the report, and payment status and you want to assure all reviews have been done. Nobody is in the office and all the information is in personal email boxes or local excel sheets. Your frustrations are reaching the boiling point.

all information should be checked and double-checked before the certificate is issued. It’s extremely time-consuming andfraught, especially when you are using old-school filing software such as Word and Excel.

Many companies will have implemented a checklist process, but it’s still manual and still takes up tons of time and effort.

We know that this is a common daily practice. Considering these costly time-wasting errors, we come up with a comprehensive, centralized, and fully integrated software solution for TIC bodies. This solution includes dashboards with alerts and notifications which works when there is any information missing. Also, the solution allows the whole process from quotation, planning, and competence management through to the issue of evidence-based certificates and invoicing can be done instantly and accurately.

Just remember when your frustration reached the boiling point. If this is not too hard to remember, book a demo with us. See how our system manages the process of issuing certificates and take a step to make the certification process easy for your team.


You are aware that certification managers still do a lot of manual analyses to keep track of all the data, from issue and renewal dates to pending non-conformities. When outstanding issues are either missed or don’t get resolved for some reason, the certificate is unable to be signed off on time. So the client ends up out of time, which may lead to getting angry and it’s your team who has to pick up the pieces.

Your auditors and certification managers can easily track all relevant deadlines with Zertic’s system. They will have a direct insight into the entire process across all audits. It means that you can be proactive about any missing data. So, you can manage communications between all stakeholders effectively and on time.

It’s time that you get ahead of your business and take out the irritating and time-wasting challenges that you are currently facing.