The ongoing nightmare of meeting critical deadlines

Manage all deadlines with an integrated
system that keeps all data in one place.

What would be the most critical part of the Test, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) business?

Meeting deadlines? Yes! But you know that the deadlines are countless: non-conformities, contracts, and auditor scheduling…

You have an endless struggle with lost data, missed deadlines, and expired certificates that sometimes lead to burnout.

Something going wrong should not be a surprise with manually entered data in old-school software like Excel and Word. Following this, no one in your team is probably sure about the latest and most up-to-date documentation, which should not be a surprise too.

We know that you will have hundreds and thousands of clients, all with multiple timelines and actions necessary to keep their business compliant according to the standard. Consequently, we developed an integrated solution for acquisition, quotes, planning, execution, non-conformities invoicing, and certifications that keeps all the data in one place and allows all involved access and accountability. Some of the benefits of our software include:

  • Enables all the deadline information to be inputted,
  • Managed by pro-active automatic reminders to auditors and clients,
  • Accurately updated data,
  • and easy access to data through dashboards and portals to reduce deadline stress

To learn more about the benefits, book a free demo, see how we can help you and manage deadlines easily with Zertic.


Keeping all the data in one place and finding it when needed gives you freedom. Do not make critical deadlines a part of the snowball effect, have the freedom on managing deadlines with Zertic software.