Certification planner software

Our successful audits start with adequate planning.

Create a flexible and predictable schedule.


The planner’s tasks are the scheduling of all audits in the most economically viable way. This takes into account the travel time, relationship between auditor and client, the auditors competences etc. This task is conducted in the Planning process step. The planning tasks start when the quote is accepted. They end when the client confirms the audit date.

Complex audits or combi-audits could require a team instead of a single auditor. Based on the information from the quote and competence table, the system shows if the team covers all competencies on the right levels. The planner can see in the planning which competence is needed and which auditor is available to plan.

The combination of audits usually leads to optimization in the execution step. The original hours of the individual audit are lowered by a great factor. The system helps to schedule the right number of onsite hours. Just by dragging and dropping the audit on top of each other a combination audit is scheduled. The planner will get a total overview of the required competencies of the team and when he is compliant to those requirements.

The system indicates when a task need to be scheduled. All information from the quote, competence table and auditor is used to match the audit task with the best auditors for the job. The system uses the birth date of the certificate as a basis for a window in which the audit task needs to be performed. The onsite hours are taken from the quote and used to calculate the correct amount of hours in the schedule.

The rescheduling of audits is supported just like the initial planning. For filling in the “gap” in the auditors planning, the system searches for all audit tasks within the competences, region and time frame to list the best options to use. The system uses Google Map, Views, smart searches and other complicated tools to optimise the rescheduling procedure.