Certification sales software

We turned our business into a Sales Machine.

Certification sales software

Make your sales predictable by adapting an automated process for selling to your clients and prospects.



Sales tasks are the registration of new prospects, the following up on leads and the creation of quotes for new clients. These tasks are conducted in the Sales process step. The sales tasks start with at first contact of a new prospect. The tasks end when the quote is accepted by the client.

The sales process starts with a new request. These come from website forms, emails or phone calls. The system offers standardised steps for the sales pipeline. Every step in this pipeline is linked to automated emails to inform potential clients. If the prospect is promising, you may want to create a client portal for easy communication. This is done with the push of a button.

The quote is created automatically. The system uses all relevant information from the CRM and document management. This module supports the 3 year contacts, different audit types and scopes for a complete price list. Based on these variables the price is calculated, taking into account personalized discounts. When the quote is created it can be sent to the customer through an in-app emailing service.

Pushing all offered audit tasks is no longer an issue. When a client accepts (part) of the quote, the audit tasks are pushed to the planning module. The sales, together with the client, will determine the time frame for the first audit. The following audit will automatically be presented to the planner based on the frequency related to the scheme.