Software for certification and inspection bodies.

The all-in-one software solution for Test, Inspection, Certification, and Accreditation bodies.


The functional modules contain and manage the functions and corresponding data needed in the audit and inspection process



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certification process - sales
Sales range from entering client data to quote generation. The client data enters the system through online forms or manual inputs. Upon audit request the system calculates the onsite and offsite time, from this it generates a quote. This quote is then communicated with the client through automated emails.

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Audit programs range from scheduling to the execution of the audit. Scheduling can be done through a team builder tool or with a drag and drop system. Both options are connected to the agendas of employees in real time. The choice depends on the complexity and scope of the audit. It is possible to combine audits, schedule audit cycles years in advance and create competence-orientated teams in the Audit Program step.

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Detailed planning is done through two routes. Centralized planning will automatically select the best auditor for the job, based on competencies, distance and availability. The system takes into account the accreditation rules, maximal visits and witness audits. Self-planning are available for auditors. The features are presented based on the created audit program. The system will highlight the audit based on frequency, due date, competencies, and any other filter you need.

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Audit execution is where the auditing takes place. Before starting the auditor is presented with all relevant information. The audit is executed using an audit form. The audit forms are connected to the system and updated in real time. This means that previous data is converted into the form, like previous remarks or pending non-conformities. Any new non-conformity creates a separate workflow, as not to delay the audit.

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Non-conformities range over all disputes. Once a non-conformity occurs the step assists management and auditors with the follow-up actions. For management it does so with timely reminders about follow-up actions and overviews of pending actions. When conducting a new audit at a location which previously had non-conformities, the system will update the auditor about the current status.

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Certification decisions happen at the end of the whole auditing process. The step combines data from audits, internal reports, pending non-conformities and disputes to create a basis for a certificate decision. All the information regarding the decision is in one place. Once the decision is made, the certificate is created with a push on a button.

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